Show at Slims on 2/1/2020.
Past Life /// Nine Fingered Thug /// BLAB School
Show starts at 9:00, $5.
Slim's Downtown
227 S. Wilmington St.
Raleigh, NC 27601

Show at The Pinhook on 6/5/2019.
Nine Fingered Thug /// Savage Knights /// Corona Mortis
Show starts at 8:00, door at 7:00.

Show at Wicked Witch on 6/15/2018.
Nine Fingered Thug /// White Steed /// The Hag @ Wicked Witch
Show starts at 8:30, Doors at 8:00
The Wicked Witch
416 West South Street
Raleigh, North Carolina

... and...

Show at Grievous Gallery in Salisbury, NC on 7/28/2018.
Trash Room, Van Huskins, Joules & Nine Fingered Thug
Grievous Gallery, Salisbury NC
Show starts at 7:30

Show at Slims on 12/15/2017.
Drug Yacht /// The Knead /// Nine Fingered Thug @ Slims
Show starts at 9:00

Show at the original Remedy Diner on 11/26/2017.
Oxidant /// Nine Fingered Thug @ original Remedy Diner (137 E. Hargett)
Show starts at 9:00

Show at the Crowmeat Bob Cave Vagrancy on 11/15/2017
D-Town Brass Brass /// Jil Christensen & Crowmeat Bob /// Nine Fingered Thug @ The Cave

Show at Ruby Deluxe on 7/23/2016
Cool Party with Nine Fingered Thug @ Ruby Deluxe

Show at Pinhook on 01/21/2016

Our show December 3rd will be our last with Irene Moon. She will be moving to NYC at the end of the year for a new kick ass job. We are bummed to be losing such an awesome bandmate, but are also very happy to see our friend succeed. We have had the lucky opportunity to not only make lots of music that we are very proud of with Irene, but to also become good friends with her in the process. Nine Fingered Thug will continue. We won't seek to replace Irene, but move on to the next phase of the band's retarded life cycle. We'll miss ya, Irene!

Add two upcoming shows and a live radio appearence to the Shows page.

Women Are Magic - cassette with download card.
Released on 10/6/2011. Only 100 pressed.
$5.00, available in online Store.

We'll be doing our first weekend of out of town shows October 7th and 8th in Philadelphia and NYC.
Check out our Shows page for details.

Our next release "Women Are Magic" should be available the first week in October. It will be released as a limited edition cassette. There will also be a download version available with the purchase of a cassette.

Nice little write up on Nine Fingered Thug by Grayson Currin in the Independent for our show at the Nightlight this Friday.

Finished up mastering new six song release on limited edition cassette/free download. The release will be entitled "Woman Are Magic" and should be coming out in late August. Will be playing at Volume 11 with Rock Cottage and another band to be announced on August 19th. Woo hoo!

CD-R comp with a Nine Fingered Thug song on it. Also has stuff by Dick Panthers, Breathilizor, Cauliflower Ass & Bob, Compared Meats, and others. Released by Wheelchair Full Of Old Men in May, 2011.
Fart Filet Compilation

We're playing at the Savage Weekend Fest at The Nightlight in Chapel Hill on Friday, 5/8. We've got the 10:15 slot. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=155441424512805

We had a great weekend of recording three new songs with Nick Petersen at track and field recording . We highly recommend him for all your recording needs. Unfortunately, Sam's vocal performance sucked a bag of deer dicks so we will need to re-record those before posting anything. NFT as a three piece has become a solid steamroller and will hopefully be playing out again late spring/early summer.

We have morphed into a three wheeled tank.....